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5 Money Saving Tips For Buying Clothes

Let’s face it, everything is expensive these days.

The more money we can save in all areas of our spending, the more discretionary income we’ll have to either save or throw at other areas we love, including vacations, eating out, or in my case, shopping for clothes.

Staying in style while watching a budget can be quite a challenge, but the tips below will help keep you looking good while reining in unnecessary spending.

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Fashion Tips For Comfortable Traveling


Traveling can be stressful enough without being uncomfortable in your clothes. But sometimes being comfortable doesn’t necessarily translate into being fashionable.

If you follow the tips we’ve outlined below, you’re sure to keep your cool while changing planes and passing through checkpoints.

Health Issues From Constantly Wearing High Heels

High heels look stylish and the right pairs almost always turn heads, both men’s and women’s.

But wearing heels constantly can be a health hazard in more ways than one.

And the higher the heel, the more dangerous it can be.

Read below to find out why fashionable footwear can also cause health problems.